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Berkeley County Meals on Wheels turns 50 in 2021!!  



That's right! Our beloved Berkeley County Meals on Wheels delivered its first meal on    

and has been going strong ever since!


             We are currently delivering 1,000 meals per week to homebound seniors and in 2020

                we delivered over 50,000 meals with no interruptions due to the ongoing pandemic!

Thanks to the unwavering support of our Community, Berkeley County Meals on Wheels is able to continue its Mission of delivering hot, nutritious, freshly cooked low-cost meals directly to the doors of our senior and convalescing neighbors throughout all of Berkeley County.  

It takes a village

or in our case an entire county to make this possible.  We are ever grateful for...

    Our 150+ caring volunteers; helping prepare and delivering upwards of 220 meals per day, ensuring              that each and every recipient has a hot meal by lunchtime. 

    Our endlessly giving Donors and Sponsors; giving us the means to buy food/ingredients, kitchen                   appliances/cookware, and everything else we need to keep these 'Wheels' rolling. Without them, none         of this would be possible.

    Our dedicated staff; who come back day after day, rain or shine or scary uncertain days during the                 pandemic, to make sure the doors are open, food is prepared, and the internal gears are turning to

     keep this amazing well oiled 'machine'. You are the glue that holds us all together. 

    Our Board of Directors; donating 100% of their time to ensure the inner-workings are running smoothly        so we can keep doing what we love to do.  


We are beyond blessed for our past 50 years and are excited to see what the next 50 years bring!




May 3rd



Thank you Berkeley County for making your local Meals on Wheels organization

the success that it is today!!


Berkeley County Meals on Wheels has been a proud partner with United Way of the Eastern Panhandle for over three decades. With their support, we are able to provide services to more seniors in need. 

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