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Berkeley County Meals on Wheels prepares and delivers hot, nutritious, low-cost daily meals to any resident in Berkeley County, West Virginia, who is homebound or unable to prepare at least one balanced meal per day, regardless of his or her age, infirmity, race, or gender. Our goal is to help our clients to remain in their own homes and independent for as long as possible.​

Berkeley County Meals on Wheels has a West Virginia State Board Certified Registered Dietitian review our menu annually to ensure the meal we are serving meets the daily nutritional requirement. We offer one (1) mid-day meal per day, per your request. Delivery is only Monday through Friday - requested weekend meals are delivered on Friday. Our daily menu varies and is subject to change due to availability, snow closings, etc. 

Here's how to get started...

Call our office at 304-263-6622 between 8 am and 12 noon Monday through Friday for an interview!

Answer a few questions during an over-the-phone interview

It's as easy as that!


Interviews may happen during your initial call.  Here is some of the information we will need from you:

  • Name, address, and date of birth of the person who will be receiving Meals

  • Two emergency contact names and phone numbers (family/friend/neighbor/other)

  • Specific driving directions to the home/apartment, a description of the residence (ex. white house with blue shutters), and delivery instructions (come to front door/side door/carport, knock loudly hearing impaired, etc)

  • Monthly income and monthly expenses of the person receiving Meals

  • Dietary restrictions (diabetic/blood thinner/low sodium/etc) (prefer milk or juice for a beverage?)

  • Frequency of meals - one meal per day a week, up to seven days a week (weekend meals are delivered on Fridays)

  • Name, mailing address, and contact information of the person responsible for the bill (recipient or another family member). Bills are sent out monthly.  

  • Other specific questions may be required to ensure the safety of the recipient and the volunteer driver (are dogs at residence? If no one is home, is a cooler available? Etc)


In most cases, the start date of home delivery will begin 48 hours after completion of the application.

Your meal will consist of two parts: a covered tray containing a hot entreé* with sides, and a paper bag with your beverage and any cold sides (or a dessert, if applicable). *Cold entreés are offered for weekend meals.

When it comes to inclement winter weather, we follow the Berkeley County School Board of Education schedule, so if Berkeley County schools are CLOSED, Meals on Wheels will be CLOSED. All of our delivery drivers are volunteers and we need to keep their safety in mind. THANK YOU!

                      We look forward to meeting you!

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