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We deliver more than food.

Delivering meals to the homebound

doesn't just supply a hot nutritious meal. 

It also gives people the ability to maintain their independence in their own homes and acts as a little "how are you today" check-in for some that may not otherwise receive any company or visitors. The majority of home-delivered meal recipients live alone and, for many of them, the person delivering the meal is often the only person they will see that day. A warm smile from a friendly visitor goes a long way! 

Meals on Wheels specializes in addressing the unique needs of the most vulnerable and high-risk senior and disabled populations of America. Since 1971, our services have effectively improved health outcomes and quality of life for millions of clients each year, while reducing risks, hospital re-admissions, and overall healthcare costs. 

Meals on Wheels Health is an initiative of Meals on Wheels America that brings together the nationwide Meals on Wheels network in support of the achievements of the healthcare system of its triple bottom line goals. We can accomplish this because of our trusted and unique ability to cross the threshold into the homes of seniors, giving us the advantage to better assess and deliver on the individualized needs of high-risk and special needs beneficiaries. Through our services, we:

  • Improve and support patient health and recovery by delivering nutritious meals;

  • Increase well-being that supports patient health by providing the human contact that reduces isolation, depression, and anxiety; and

  • Reduce negative impacts on patient health by assessing home environments and addressing threats or risks.

Fueled by a commitment to address senior hunger and isolation, Meals on Wheels provides the basic support that seniors need to maintain their health and independence in virtually every community in America.

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Feeding people... it's what we do 

By the Numbers: Clients*                                                                      

400 people served annually

82 the median age of our recipients

31% of our clients are Military Veterans

39% of our clients have Special Dietary Needs 

29% of our clients cannot afford our monetary fee and participate in our Dining With Dignity program (On average, 8% of our clients fall behind on their accounts each month because of medical bills, high electric bills in the winter months, etc. We do our best to work out a payment plan when they are delinquent due to these unforeseen hardships)

* Based on 2022

By the Numbers: Volunteers*                                                                

245 Volunteers annually

22,667 hours of service with a savings of over $191,000

76,370 miles driven by volunteers delivering meals in Berkeley County, WV 

* Based on 2022  


                                                                                                                        Monthly Volunteer Service


                                                                                                                                                                             98%  Volunteers

                                                                                                                                                        2%    Paid Staff

Impact of Home Delivered Meals                                                          


Lowers Healthcare Costs

                      Lowers the Need for 

                      Assisted Living Facilities



                                                                        Preserves Client





                      51,780 meals

                      in 2021

                                                                        250+ meals delivered

                                                                        each weekday

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